Supporting Instituto Guadalupano Boquete

Since 2012, Los Establos Boutique Resort and Owner Irina Barrett have proudly supported Instituto Guadalupano Boquete as a center for academic excellence.

Founded in 1994 as an alternative to private education at the secondary level, the Guadalupano Institute of Boquete has flourished into a center for curricular excellence in mathematics, science and robotics.

Over the years, administrators have implemented several programs designed to:

  • Strengthen ties between parents, students, teachers, administrators and the community
  • Improve the physical and teaching structure for students, teachers, and staff through comprehensive training and infrastructure upgrades
  • Respond to environmental needs with the Implementation of the Bachelor of Science with emphasis on Ecological Tourism and Computer Science
  • Provide students with extracurricular opportunities/competitions in robotics, technological fairs, floral games, sporting events, band, dance and more

At Los Establos Boutique resort, we are dedicated to supporting further educational opportunities and advancements for local children — Thanks to generous funding and donations from guests like you.

Our philosophy is that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Through our partnership with Instituto Guadalupano Boquete, you will notice that a small donation of just US$2.00 per night appears on your final bill. At check-out, you may of course, ask to opt out of this donation—but we hope you will find it in your heart to support our charitable endeavors through this small donation.

Click here to learn more about our important charitable work in partnership with Instituto Guadalupano Boquete.