Los Establos Boutique Resort, Panama

Our story

Situated 4,000 feet above sea level on over 16 acres of cultivated farmland, Los Establos offers spacious suites, magnificent views and luxurious hotel amenities to suit even the most discerning traveler. Located in the heart of Boquete, our spectacular hillside resort is often referred to as the ‘Little Switzerland of Central America.’ Others simply call it ‘paradise.’

Los Establos is home to one of the country’s oldest operating coffee plantations and processing mills; but aside from superb coffee, you’ll experience spectacular views and exciting activities that are sure to satisfy all your adventure needs. 

Come fall in love with the magic of Los Establos and discover how spectacular views, attentive staff and luxury hotel amenities combine to make this small slice of paradise one of Panama’s most popular and sought after vacation destinations.